Monday, April 21, 2008

The Hot Dog Tap Danced Under the Bridge with a Troll

For my illustration II class. 11''x13'' Watercolor.We played the exquisite corpse game but with words in order to make up sentences to illustrate. Other choices included: That chocolaty goodness fornicated with flowers in Times Square. Sexy Lexy dug through underwear drawers in the Meyerhoff Private Dinning room. and Johnathan Taylor Thomas contemplated life's meaning over the rainbow. to name a few.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Let There Be Light

My other favorite pieces from my Let There Be Light Class. Mostly because I already have good photos of them on my computer. All there were done in chalk pastels. The first piece is me dressed up as a fortune teller(because I'm the easiest model to get). I used my light box for the table. Thanks to Caitlin for providing most of the other props since I was running out of interesting objects to draw in my own room. 30x48in
In class work. The model was supposed to pretend to be murdered. 22x30in
A self portrait in costume. 20x30in

This the first drawing I did for that class that the teacher actually liked. We had a model lying in front of a Buddha statue outside. 24x36in

Circle Collage

The in class work from my last collage class. We were allowed to do anything we wanted as long as it in some way involves collage. Not sure it's quite done, I had to rush a bit at the end because we were putting our work up on the wall.